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Changing with the times

Partners in Design are often approached by homeowners looking to downsize. One of the first questions is whether their current furniture would be suitable for their new home both in terms of proportion and style. Furniture which looks fabulous in a London townhouse or Georgian rectory may be out of place in a country cottage or new build apartment. It can also be daunting, having lived somewhere for a long time, to face a

blank canvas in terms of colour, lighting, out of date bathrooms and kitchens etc.

Partners in Design work with clients moving to Dorset from the very beginning of the process. They show on scaled floor plans where larger furniture could be accommodated in the new home, leading to a smoother
moving in day and streamlining decisions as to what should be sold or given

Partners In Design | Changing with the times
Partners In Design | Changing with the times

away before the move. They can give a new lease of life to upholstered furniture and window dressings and design new furniture, soft furnishings and lighting to complement what is being kept. They design, make and fit built-in furniture and kitchens as well as updating tired bathrooms.

If a house would benefit from remodelling – for example to create more open plan living- they use 3D Cad design to show what can be achieved.

If clients are unfamiliar with the area they will not know trustworthy trades or suppliers on whom they can call. Partners in Design have a wonderful in-house team of trades and craftsmen with whom they have worked for many years and whose workmanship they guarantee.

Moving can be a stressful process but Partners in Design minimise that by working hand in hand with clients through every step of the move; from initial consultation to final accessories.

“Since we are well into the 3rd age as we planned our new house we realised we needed help. This we found in Partners in Design who gave us the experience and creativity we needed. Fun, challenging and enjoyable. We would do it again.”THE GARVEYS, CERNE ABBAS

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