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Lightbulb moment

Lighting is key to enhancing your living space so the earlier lighting is considered in your overall home design the better.

Great lighting is not merely functional but, when designed correctly, improves the feel and atmosphere of your home. So when renovating a property you should think about lighting right from the start: How will you use the various spaces, what functional lights are needed for tasks and what sort of ambience do you want to create for different times of the day?

You can create interest with layers of light and contrasts of light levels. Accent lights that highlight art, cabinet interiors, walls or window dressings add a luxe design element to the room. The use of cool white bulbs will create a modern, crisp look while warm white will soften space with a golden glow.

You may decide to invest in a statement lighting feature but it’s often the subtle light fittings that creates the mood; they come into their own particularly in the evening.

Partners In Design | Lightbulb moment
Partners In Design | Lightbulb moment

With the increasing popularity of open-plan spaces flexibility is key. Layering your lighting on separate circuits will allow you functionality and the ability to create the feel you want in each space, whether relaxing, entertaining or reading.

Table lamps provide the most flexibility, allowing you to have a lot of fun and enhance your décor. The Melt by Tom Dixon is one such table lamp which looks great on or off – an imperfect, organic and naturalistic lighting object which is as much a work of art as a light fitting! Similarly, the impressive “Vertigo” pendant from Petite Fritture will create a sense of awe in a hall or over a dining table. Don’t forget lighting in the garden when you are entertaining too. Pad Home’s new multi coloured Humble touch lights are IP rated battery powered and can be table or wall mounted.

Far from being an “add on” element of your home design, great lighting will enhance the look and feel of the space and ensure maximum relaxation and enjoyment for you and your guests. Partners in Design work
with clients to design and install beautifully lit schemes; why not get in touch with us and see how we can light up your home.

Partners In Design | Lightbulb moment
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